sourcing map Grith Zahnriemen HTD 5M 5mm Pitch 100 Zähne 500mm für CNC-Robotics de

Produktname: Zahnriemen; Modell: HTD 5 m; Anzahl der Zähne: 100
Teilung: 5 mm/0,5 cm; Zahn Höhe: 2,06 mm/0,2 cm; Zahn-Breite: 3,05 mm 0,3 cm
Gürtel Breite: 10 mm/1 cm; Gürtellänge: 500 mm/1,6 mm/FT/50,8 cm; Gesamt Höhe: 3,8 mm/0,4 cm


Product Name
Zeiteinteilung Belt
Number of Teeth
5mm / 0.2″
Tooth Height
2.06mm / 0.08″
Tooth Width
3.05mm / 0.12″
Kanal Width
10mm / 0.4″
Kanal Girth
500mm/ 1.6Ft/ 20″
Gesamtheitlich Height
Kanal Material
Neoprene (Synthetic Rubber)
Core Wire Material
Glass Fiber
Net Weight
Package Content
1 x Zeiteinteilung Belt
Larve from NEOPRENE – Synthetic Rubber reinforced with fiberglass cords for oben liegend strength.
Resists degradation from sun, ozone and weather
Performs well in contact with oils and many chemicals
Remains useful over a wide temperature range
Displays outstanding physical toughness
Resists burning inherently better than exclusively hydrocarbon rubbers
Outstanding resistance to damage caused by flexing and twisting
Widely used in the textile, automobile, chemical fiber, tobacco, paper, printing, chemical mechanical equipment.

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We sell two different kind of timing belt in our store, one trapezoidal teeth, the other curvilinear teeth. Please check and make sure which timing belt will match your pulley best before ordering. Besides, we folglich sell gravierend timing pulley, welcome to select the item you need in our store. Finally, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Produktname: Zahnriemen; Muster: HTD 5M; Menge dieser Kauleiste: 100
Trennung: 5mm / 0.2″; Ausschnitt Berg: 2.06mm / 0.08″; Ausschnitt-Stärke: 3.05mm / 0.12″
Gurt Stärke: 10mm / 0.4″; Gürtellänge: 500mm/ 1.6Ft/ 20″; Rundherum Berg: 3.8mm/0.15″
Gurt Werkstoff: Neopren (synthetisches Präservativ); Core Leiterbahn Werkstoff: Glasfaser; FARBE: Negrid
Netto-Ballast: 20 g; Packungsinhalt: 1 x Zahnriemen